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When you want to run a business that is continually growing, having excellent relationships with your customers means knowing which mistakes or traps to avoid. Fortunately, a well-run customer experience call center will have highly-trained staff who are always on the ball.

customer experience call center

The Importance of Great Customer Experience (CX) in Customer Service

Ensuring a great customer experience should always be a top priority for companies for a number of reasons. Consider the study done by the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, which revealed that a whopping 80 percent of U.S. consumers are willing to pay a premium for a product or service if their customer experience was guaranteed to be superior.

Customer Satisfaction

Rather than focus on individual customers, a company needs to provide a consistent experience that resonates across all channels. A company that establishes high benchmarks and work at meeting or exceeding them will increase customer satisfaction, which in turn, will drive sales.

Customer Loyalty

When you provide excellent customer service, you increase the customer’s faith in your product and services. These customers will continue to purchase from you, which will add up to significant revenue over time.

Reduce Customer Churn

Don’t allow your company to slowing hemorrhage money by losing customers due to bad customer service. A skilled call center agent is an expert at retention and can cut your losses significantly.

Competitive Advantage

To gain the upper hand when competing in the crowded global marketplace, you can lower prices—or you can offer something better, like a superior customer experience. CX can be your secret weapon against competitors to garner you a greater market share.

Word-of-Mouth Advertising and Inspiring Advocacy

In an age of social media, news travels like wildfire. Customers are well-informed, internet savvy, and providing great customer service means that you will earn positive word-of-mouth advertising.

Increases ROI

It is far more cost effective to attend to the needs of your current customer base than it is to acquire new customers. Investing in customer service is one of the best ways to get a return that will swell the bottom line of your business.

Builds Trust and Creates Personal Relationships

A brand’s greatest strength is the authenticity of what it offers. This always comes down to the one-on-one relationships that the public has with your company’s representatives. Having a superior CX is what will ensure that you are continually building the trust that leads to high consumer confidence in your company.

Customer Experience (CX) Mistakes to Avoid

A mistake made twice is a decision. Learn and grow so that your organization reaps the greatest benefits going forward. Some of the biggest mistakes in customer service are made due to inattentiveness, poor training, or lack of effort. Most are avoidable if you understand why these traps exist and how to guard against them.

Poor Communication

Avoid passing the buck by ignoring customer inquiries. Even taking too long to respond to inquiries or achieve a solution can be fatal in an era of social media and online reviews. Outsourcing to an onshore call center will ensure that every issue achieves resolution from someone speaking in a crystal-clear voice.

Ignoring Customer Feedback and Reviews

Rather than acting indifferent—or worse—reacting with negativity, use valuable insights gained from customer feedback and reviews to improve customer service policies and in other areas.

Not Valuing Customers’ Privacy

Use best practices throughout all phases of customer service. Avoid spamming customers with a surplus of information, and instead, contact them when you have the right offers targeted to their needs. Ensure that customer data remains protected and secure by only outsourcing customer service to a reputable company with secure systems, multiple firewalls, encryption processes, and trustworthy employees.

Customer Service ≠ Customer Experience

Customer experience goes far beyond customer service. Designing CX takes intense planning, as well as a constant willingness to learn, adapt, and grow to provide something that feels “just right” for the customer. The best way to understand this is by trying to understand how your customer feels.

Lack of Good Customer Service Metrics

Having detailed metrics on your customer service will allow you to gain actionable insights into improvement in a number of areas. A solid call center will be able to provide regular reports on customer issues, wait times, customer satisfaction, and other areas that you specify.

Offering Only One Customer Support Channel

When customers have an issue, they need to have a variety of methods to get service, attention, or have their questions answered. Having a company e-mail or contact form is a good start—but today’s customers demand instant satisfaction. A dedicated contact center that operates 24/7 will be able to offer multiple channels including a toll-free number, live chat services, and more.

Neglecting an Omnichannel Customer Experience

Customers can often feel frustrated when what is offered between online and brick-and-mortar is not consistent. Consider the differences between online prices and in-store prices that may have customers irritated or confused. Creating a consistent omnichannel customer experience is necessary for today’s customers. Having an exceptionally high level of customer service will be useful in implementing policies and in rectifying any invariable bumps in the road.

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