Our Call Center Services

Our Call Center Services

Custom Contact Center Services Tailored To Your Needs

3C Contact Services understands that it can cost a significantly greater amount of money to attract new customers than to retain existing ones. This is why we put so much energy and focus into building long-lasting relationships. Listening to and understanding your customers is the underlying foundation of our success.

We also understand that customer care can be one of many items on your budget. The challenge, then, is to juggle various business costs while providing best-of-class customer service within the needs of your budget. Our specialty is to be an extension of your business while providing effective and highly efficient world-class service.

3C Customer Services

Good customer service is essential for the success of your business. In fact, the biggest factor that customers consider when choosing where to do business is the quality of the customer service.

3C Contact Services is a premier provider of customer service for small, medium, and large businesses. At 3C Contact Services, we understand the importance of building long-lasting relationships with customers and clients, as well as providing the highest quality service that allows you to stand out from your competitors.

Our fully trained professional customer service agents can provide a range of effective, targeted, and individualized services aimed at growing your company, raising consumer awareness, increasing customer retention and satisfaction, and improving your company’s profits and revenue.

3C Contact Services offers both shared and dedicated agents who can provide individualized services tailored specifically for your company’s needs. Using the right data, metrics, technology, and know-how, we can determine and deliver the results you want.

Our range of effective services can meet the needs of any company:

New Product/Service Sales/Subscriptions (with Cross-Sell/Up Sell Options)

When you want to raise awareness about or sell a new product or service, traditional marketing can cost your business a lot of money. As well, regular marketing techniques are often ineffective and have a poor return on investment (ROI). That is why 3C Contact Services offers campaigns for new products, service sales, and subscriptions, which can increase your company’s sales at affordable rates.

1. Cross-Selling Strategy

One of the most effective ways of increasing your sales and profits is through cross-selling strategies. 3C Contact Services can integrate cross-selling with our customer service and sales, building sales off of your existing customers and providing a higher ROI. With cross-selling, complementary or additive services and products are targeted towards customers most likely to buy them.

2. Upselling Techniques

For the most effective method to increase your revenue, profit, and ROI, 3C Contact Services has upselling strategies that can create sales for your company while increasing customer satisfaction. Through targeted offers of upgraded service and higher-end products, 3C Contact Services can produce sales for your company at affordable rates that are lower than those of any traditional sales method.

Technical Assistance

For companies with complex products or services, technical support can be crucial for success. Don’t let customers leave your company in frustration. 3C Contact Services can provide expert technical support and assistance through trained customer service representatives. Our customer service executives can become experts on your products in order to deal with your clients and customers efficiently and quickly.

Problem Solving/Customer Complaint Handling

When your customers are complaining, your business only has a short amount of time to satisfy them and retain them as paying customers. 3C Contact Services’ trained agents use the right customer service skills to increase customer retention and solve complaints quickly and efficiently. We use multi-channel support, multilingual services, and proven work processes to deal with your customers efficiently and provide customer satisfaction.

Proactive Welcome Service

First impressions have a big impact on your business. With 3C Contact Services’ proactive welcome call service, you can be assured that your company’s first impression will be a good one. Our trained agents can provide targeted welcome calls that increase customer satisfaction while also creating opportunities for solving problems, complaints, and customer queries.

Customer Satisfaction Checkups, Anniversaries, and More

Your ongoing relationship with your customers is important. 3C Contact Services can perform active outbound calling services that foster your relationship with your customers, improving your company’s image, increasing customer satisfaction, and providing incentives for sales and ongoing purchases. The majority of unsatisfied customers will never voice their complaints to your company. Active customer checkups provide opportunities to solve these problems before you lose a customer for good.

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3C Sales Services

3C Contact Services has proven experience providing professional sales service that can grow your company, increase revenue and profits, and deliver results.

While customer service can be used to grow your company, there are times where a more active approach is necessary. For small businesses and new companies, obtaining a good sales flow quickly can be the difference between success and failure.

3C Contact Services has developed proven work processes and sales techniques that can increase revenue for small, medium, and large businesses. We use a diverse range of techniques and services that can deliver sales based on the metrics and goals that your business needs for success. Our targeted approaches, cutting-edge technology infrastructure, and trained professional sales agents will work for your company to find the optimal approach that will provide maximum results at cost-effective rates that are lower than traditional sales or marketing models.

3C Contact Services offers a diverse selection of effective, targeted sales services:

Lead Generation Services

Lead generation can be crucial for companies that need to raise awareness and reach new customers. 3C Contact Services has the proven processes that can generate qualified leads for your business, helping you reach more people and turn them into paying customers.

Appointment Scheduling

Setting and keeping appointments is crucial for fostering your relationships with clients and customers. 3C Contact Services provides the highest-trained professionals to handle your appointment scheduling, ensuring it’s efficient, timely, and done to the highest industry standards.

Data Verification Services

Inaccurate and incomplete data can sink campaigns and even businesses. With 3C Contact Services data verification services, we will ensure your data’s accuracy and allow your business to make the most informed, precise decisions. The success of campaigns, lead generation, and other important elements or metrics are all dependent on having accurate and complete data.

Cross-selling and Upselling

3C Contact Services’ cross-selling and upselling strategies are the most effective way to increase both sales and profits. Cross-selling and upselling return a higher ROI than any traditional sales method, building sales off of your existing customer base in a way that also increases your clients’ satisfaction.

Customer Retention

The easiest and most cost-effective way to grow your business is by improving customer retention. 3C Contact Services can engage in active  customer retention campaigns that can keep your customer base from switching to competitors, thus drastically increasing revenue and profits.

Customer Loyalty Management

To improve customer retention and customer satisfaction, loyalty programs are an optimal strategy that 3C Contact Services can provide for your business. Our customer loyalty-management programs create incentives for customers to continue making purchases and frequenting your business. For an edge on competitors, loyalty programs can provide the biggest effect.

Winback Lost Customer Programs

3C Contact Services can engage in active, targeted campaigns to turn former or unsatisfied customers back into loyal, paying customers. Our win back campaigns use proven processes, individualized strategies, and cutting-edge technology to incentivize your former customers. Our trained agents are skilled at providing friendly service while employing effective strategies that can grow your customer base.

Customer Surveys

Your business needs to rely on accurate and complete data, particularly when it pertains to your products, services, and clientele. 3C Contact Services uses surveys and other customer-interactive models to generate the accurate data that you need to make the most informed business decisions.