3C Contact Services Comments on Study Showing Customer Service Satisfaction at 5-Year Low

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Toronto, Canada, January 27, 2015 – 3C Contact Services Inc., North America’s premier cost-effective provider of contact center solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses, is weighing in on a recent study that found that customer service satisfaction has dropped to its lowest level since 2010.

According to a recent survey, companies are failing to keep up with the rapidly changing customer service environment. The study, which looked at customer satisfaction levels of 40,000 individuals across 13 sectors, found overall satisfaction is now lower than at any point since January 2010. (Source: Bell, A., “UK Companies struggle to keep up with a new customer environment,” Institute of Customer Service web site, January 14, 2015; www.instituteofcustomerservice.com/481-16820/UK-Companies-struggle-to-keep-up-with-a-new-customer-environment.html.)

“The customer service experience has a direct impact on a company’s bottom line,” says Damian Reyes, customer service manager for 3C Contact Services. “Retailers with a score above the industry average grew their combined market share, while the below-average competitors lost market share. To gain traction, businesses need to look at the customer service experience they provide and figure out how to make it even better.”

The survey also discovered that younger people are considerably less satisfied as customers. Because 18-to-24-year-olds are fond of sharing their customer service experience and sharing recommendations on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, it’s important for brands to understand the unique needs of different customer groups.

“Satisfied customers are more likely than less satisfied customers to trust the company they’re dealing with, remain a customer, and make a recommendation,” Reyes adds. “In 2015, as brands try to determine how to deliver quality customer service that meets the demands of their ever-evolving customer base, it’s imperative that they outsource their customer service demands to a contact center solutions company that ensures the customer experience is the best it can be.”

“Companies that outsource their customer service needs to 3C Contact Services have experienced a significant increase in satisfaction rates. In an industry where contact services companies strive for a customer satisfaction and quality assurance rate of between 90% and 95%, 3C Contact Services maintains a score of 96%,” Reyes concludes. “3C Contact Services also has a client retention rate of 50%; the industry average is just 25% to 35%.”

3C Contact Services’ customizable solutions allow companies to increase profitability while increasing market share and business intelligence and maximizing customer relationships. To learn more about 3C Contact Services Inc., visit the company’s web site, call 3C Contact Services at 1-888-353-2335, or e-mail d.reyes@3ccontactservices.com.

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