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When business owners consider branding for their company, they typically think of improving it through their online content, marketing, or design (whether of a physical location or a product), but few consider inbound call center services. Yet an inbound call center can be one of the best ways to improve your business’s brand value. In fact, today’s call centers and contact centers actively work towards improving brand value and boosting revenue for their clients.

At 3C Contact Services, one of our biggest focuses is on improving the brand value of our clients. As an inbound call center in Toronto, we do not just limit ourselves to providing customer service. 3C Contact Services provides a whole range of services dedicated to boosting business, improving customer retention, and generating sales.

Why Contact Centers Are Essential to Brand Value

If you were to guess the primary method that customers use to interact with your company, you would likely settle on social media or another online digital platform (like your website). While this may be true for some companies that are entirely digital-based, it’s actually incorrect for most businesses. For the majority of customers in many types of business, the main method of interacting is through the phone with a live customer service representative.

This means that your customers are more likely to judge and create an impression of your business based on the over-the-phone service you provide. This is why it is absolutely crucial for any business to incorporate their branding into their customer service and support.

Our Approach at 3C Contact Services

To improve brand value, there are some fundamental values and services that are required.

First, it is absolutely necessary for any contact center to offer services tailored towards your company. In the past, many call centers would provide the same service to each of their clients by working off of scripts or using standard routines for each customer. Unfortunately, many contact centers today still use this approach. Your customer service has to be integrated with your branding. That means using highly trained professional customer representatives who can offer flexible services that fit the needs of your company. It’s best to use an individual approach created for your company with adjustments made along the way based on feedback, statistics, and measurable objectives.

It is also important for contact centers to move beyond passively responding to incoming customer calls. 3C Contact Services offers a range of additional services. Our customer retention services can increase profits for your company by keeping customers in the fold, using win-back campaigns and cross selling. Our multilingual services do not just broaden your potential customer base but also improve your company’s image as being inclusive. We also offer multi-platform customer support so that your service will remain consistent no matter the medium used.

If you want to improve your brand value, then you need an inbound call center that can move beyond what old call centers offered. Remember that branding is more than just product design or online marketing —it’s something that must be present in every facet of your business.

As the leading provider of outsourced call center solutions, 3C Contact Services teaches its partners the necessary customer service skills needed to engage and retain customers. For more information on how an inbound call center can help improve your business, call us today at 1-888-353-2335.

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