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When you are looking for a call center in Toronto that can handle your company’s needs, there are certain things that you should look for. Call centers have come a long way from simply answering calls and providing routine customer service. The best call centers provide cutting-edge service that can help actively grow your business and give you an edge on competitors. 3C Contact Services employs many call center best practices that separate us from the crowd. To provide good call center service, a focus on innovation and efficiency is crucial.

Here are six call center practices that separate 3C Contact Services from other call centers.

1) Multi-Platform Support – Many call centers offer support strictly through phone calls. As a full-fledged contact center, 3C Contact Services offers customer support over a range of platforms including email, live chats, and other digital services. Online platforms are now one of the most important ways of interacting with customers. As well, multi-platform support allows for improved efficiency and increased prioritization of customer issues. 3C Contact Services offers full email management and live chat services, which can bring your customer support to the next level.

2) Customer Data – The only way to provide the most effective customer service possible is by having the right data, metrics, and statistics. 3C Contact Services uses customer service metrics to evaluate and fine-tune customer service based on many variables including your business type, your client base, and the service(s) you wish to provide. We also conduct surveys and get direct and timely feedback from your customers so as to provide the precise service that will work for your company.

3) Direct-Response Programs – By using innovative direct-response programs, 3C Contact Services can allow you to evaluate—in real time—whether a marketing campaign or strategy is working. Our direct-response program allows companies to receive the quickest feedback possible, allowing them to adjust campaign strategies in real time and avoid ineffective and costly marketing mistakes. With a direct response program, you can see exactly what effect your marketing has and how much interest it is generating.

4) Multilingual Support – In today’s global economy and diverse society, multilingual support can give your company the edge over competitors. 3C Contact Services has agents who are fluent in a diverse selection of languages, thus allowing them to provide service to the widest range of customers possible. Statistics show that for many types of companies, a larger-than-expected percentage of customers may not speak English or speak it as a secondary or tertiary language. With multilingual support, 3C Contact Services can provide good service for your customers with little to no language barriers.

5) Cross-selling/Upselling – Call centers are typically known for providing passive, inbound customer service. 3C Contact Services doesn’t just provide customer service but also integrates sales and marketing services. Through cross-selling and upselling, we can boost sales by targeting customers most likely to make purchases, and our customer retention strategies improve sales while saving your company from marketing costs.

6) Dedicated and Shared Agent Options – 3C Contact Services offers dedicated agent options, which provide professional customer service agents allocated strictly to your company. By using dedicated agents, 3C Contact Services can offer the fastest and most effective customer service tailored directly to your needs. We also have the option for shared agent services, which allow companies to receive customer service from professional agents at affordable rates.

As the leading provider of outsourced call center solutions, 3C Contact Services teaches its partners the necessary customer service skills needed to engage and retain customers. Call us today at 1-888-353-2335.