Customer Data Verification and Validation Services

Customer Data Verification and Validation Services

Whether you’re trying to increase sales, reduce overhead costs, increase leads, or improve customer satisfaction, third party data verification can be an important tool for businesses.

When you’re making business decisions, you use data on your customers, employers, and industry. Successful businesses collect and use data to make important decisions, rather than taking risks based entirely on chance, luck, or feeling. Data is an important tool for achieving business success, but if data is inaccurate or poor, you may end up making poor business decisions, turning off customers, hiring the wrong employees, spending unnecessary money, and suffering other consequences.

What Is Third-Party Data Verification?

Data verification services are provided to help your business verify the accuracy of the data you collect. It is crucial that you are using accurate data to operate your business. Using customer data verification, a contact center can confirm data about your customers, employees, and clients, ensuring that you have the right information.

Why Your Business Needs Data Verification Services

There are number of very basic reasons why nearly all businesses can use data verification services. The majority of businesses have staff. When you’re hiring new employees, you want to ensure that your selected candidates have the right qualifications, work history, and credentials. It is actually very common for people to lie on resumes, CVs, and cover letters, which can lead to you hiring a person who costs your business money. A data verification service can help you avoid these dilemmas.

Data verification is also used to verify information about your customers. If you are shipping to your customers or need to contact them, it’s important to have the right delivery/contact information. If you don’t, missed deliveries and lost contacts can cause customers to switch to a competitor. Data verification helps you provide better service.

On a higher level, data verification can be used to finesse targeted sales strategies, customer retention, and other important metrics. As well, it can be important to have accurate data if your business is ever involved in legal proceedings. In these cases, accurate data could be the difference between your company continuing or going out of business.

Need Customer Data Verification Services

Our Process Of Verifying Data

3C Contact Services offers expert data verification that can help you with your business needs. We use proven work processes for all of our data verification. Some of these data verification methods include:

Specialized Call Scripts:

One of the most effective ways to verify customer data is by using the right communication methods when working with your customers. 3C Contact Services develops specialized call scripts for our clients, integrating proven data verification techniques. We work with you to develop scripts that will gain accurate information.

Security Protocol:

It’s important that your data remains secure. We use cutting-edge, industry technology to ensure that your data remains secure and is kept in safe hands. It’s important to ensure that accurate data is your own.

Multilingual Service:

One of the biggest barriers to accurate data is the language barrier when dealing with non-English-speaking customers. 3C Contact Services provides multilingual service to eliminate this risk.

Type Of Data Verification Services

There are several different types of data verification services.

Employee Verification:

This type of data verification is primarily used to help you make accurate decisions during the hiring process.

Customer Verification:

This data verification can help you optimize your sales and lead generation, as well as increase sales, customer satisfaction, and customer verification. Typically, customer delivery addresses and contact information are collected, along with other data your business may need.

Insurance Verification:

This type of data verification is used to verify the information that clients provide to insurance providers.

Benefits Of Hiring 3C’s Data Verification Service

There are many advantages to using data verification. In fact, the data and information you use can have a big effect on many aspects of your business. Here are some of the top benefits:

Increase Customer Retention/Satisfaction:

If deliveries go missing or you fail to contact customers promptly due to faulty data, then you can lose those customers. With data verification, you can ensure efficiency, increasing customer retention and satisfaction.

Increase Sales:

If you want to target sales towards specific groups of customers, then data verification can be one of the more effective tools for optimizing your sales methods.

Reduce Costs:

Verifying your own data can be time-consuming, costly, and inefficient. By outsourcing your data verification, you can save on time and money, while gaining superior verification services that can rule out inaccurate or faulty data.

Could your business benefit from data verification services? As the leading provider of outsourced call center solutions, 3C Contact Services teaches its partners the necessary customer service skills needed to engage and retain customers. Call us today at 1-888-353-2335.