Common Telemarketing Service Myths Debunked

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Common Telemarketing Service Myths Debunked

Telemarketing usually gets a bad rap, mostly due to the number of reported scams that hackers use to access people’s information. Most people go out of their way to dodge obvious telemarketing calls from numbers they don’t recognize by either refusing to answer the call or hitting the ignore button instantaneously. There’s a lot of misinformation about how telemarketing services actually work and what their goals are. Here, we’ve debunked some of the most common telemarketing myths to help you see the value in this conventional marketing method.

Common Telemarketing Service Myths Debunked

Myth #1: All Telemarketers Are Desperate for Sales

To some extent, telemarketing is a numbers game. But that’s not all it is. Professional telemarketers perform extensive research into their potential customers so they can effectively personalize their sales pitches based on each customer’s needs. Good telemarketers aren’t desperate for sales because they value offering quality services and ensuring customer satisfaction over quantitative returns and the results speak for themselves.

Myth #2: Anyone Can Be a Telemarketer

Actually, it takes a special kind of skill set to be able to call up random strangers and strike up meaningful conversations that result in converting them into loyal customers. Successful telemarketers are charming, well-informed about their target audiences, knowledgeable about the products and services they offer, polite, compassionate, and goal-oriented when it comes to keeping their customers satisfied. They also know when to quit while they’re ahead and when to simply quit. Simply put, telemarketing isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to have a thick skin and learn not to take inevitable setbacks too personally—a skill that many people have a hard time mastering.

Myth #3: Telemarketing Is Strictly about Meeting Sales Targets

While making sales is important, the art of telemarketing is about so much more than that. It’s about building strong long lasting relationships with prospects and boosting your brand awareness in a personalized manner. Through expert telemarketing services, you can effectively reach out to the right prospects and educate them about how they can benefit from your products, services, and a partnership with your brand.

Myth #4: Prospects Can Be Easily Manipulated

This is an old telemarketing trope that hangs on the notion that the caller or telemarketer is always in control. In reality, the prospect holds all of the real power in this dynamic. After all, the prospect has the ability to simply hang up if they don’t want to speak to the telemarketer. They can also request to be placed on a no-call list. A good telemarketer recognizes that they’re at the mercy of the prospect that they’re reaching out to and uses this knowledge to leverage and generate more interest from the prospect.

Myth #5: All Telemarketing Is Completely Scripted

Once again, good telemarketers should know their products and services like the back of their hand. After gaining enough industry experience, most telemarketers are actually a quick study and rarely need to reference conversational prompts or scripts unless they’re still in training. While scripts can be used as point of reference for information, experienced telemarketers don’t rely on them to carry the breadth of the conversation as they sound unnatural and robotic. Natural conversation and a confident demeanour are more effective in getting the point across than simply reading a script.

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