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How to Improve Your Sales Pipeline after COVID-19

Posted by on Nov 11th, 2020
Most businesses have suffered significant financial losses as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Between the lockdowns, closures, re-openings, and re-closings, this year has been a whirlwind of unprecedented occurrences for a lot of business owners, their customers, and their employees. Health and safety regulations continue to change on a dime—with the exception of..

Common Telemarketing Service Myths Debunked

Posted by on Nov 7th, 2020
Telemarketing usually gets a bad rap, mostly due to the number of reported scams that hackers use to access people’s information. Most people go out of their way to dodge obvious telemarketing calls from numbers they don’t recognize by either refusing to answer the call or hitting the ignore button instantaneously. There’s a lot of..

Inexpensive, Yet Effective Ways to Show Customer Appreciation

Posted by on Nov 4th, 2020
Businesses usually spend a lot of money on their customer acquisition strategies, mistakenly thinking that’s the way to boost their bottom lines. In reality, customer acquisition is just a small fraction of effective marketing and brand building. But the real bread and butter of running a successful business is improving your customer retention strategy. Oftentimes,..

The Art of Writing Apology Emails to Customers

Posted by on Nov 2nd, 2020
As a business owner, you thrive to make sure that your customers are always fully satisfied with your products and services. But sometimes, it’s easy to misread a situation or make a mistake that can lead to a negative customer experience. A few unsatisfied or unhappy customers are expected when you’re trying to build up..

What Is the Difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience?

Posted by on Oct 26th, 2020
Customer service and customer experience are two industry terms that are often mistakenly used interchangeably. The concepts may be similar and intertwined, but they’re not actually the same thing at all. However, both customer service and experience significantly impact the overall impressions customers have of your brand. Customer service is a much more widespread and..

Customer Service Stats for 2020

Posted by on Oct 19th, 2020
The customer service industry has forever been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. But not all of those changes have been negative. In fact, many of the adjustments that companies have had to make are centered largely on the overall importance of customer satisfaction. Aside from promoting stringent employee health and safety standards, many of these..

Why Outsourcing Customer Service Is a Saving Grace for Businesses in a Post-Pandemic World

Posted by on Oct 15th, 2020
Long before the pandemic, technological evolution was the driving force behind ever-changing business structures. New technology opens the floodgates for new ways of branching out and expanding customer service techniques to embody a more omnichannel approach. All the COVID-19 pandemic has done is forced businesses to accelerate that process to accommodate the quickly evolving digital..

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Cleansing

Posted by on Oct 6th, 2020
Detail-oriented and effective data cleansing services can help ensure that your organization always has access to reliable, up-to-date, and actionable information. Outsourcing your data cleansing processes to a qualified third-party business like 3C Contact Services gives you the freedom and capability to concentrate your efforts on creating effective customer outreach and acquisition strategies that work...

Chatbots vs. Live Agents: Will AI Replace Live Agents in Customer Support?

Posted by on Sep 29th, 2020
Chatbots have arguably become one of the most popular forms of communication between businesses and customers. They’re convenient, easy to use, and most websites already have them built into their homepages and other webpages on their sites. All customers have to do is simply visit a business’s website and they’ll see a little popup window..