Outsourced Call center services – 3c Contact Services

Call Center Solutions

Inbound Call Center Solutions:

We offer customer service support for all inbound inquiries, product concerns, and all other matters relating to our clients’ operations. 3C Contact Services’ staff members are trained to be knowledgeable in customer retention and in effectively resolving customer concerns. Read more »

Outbound Call Centre Solutions:

Taking a proactive approach to our solutions, 3C Contact Services provides outbound solutions to complete the goals of an assigned client campaign by actively dialing out to current or potential customers to initiate sales, generate leads, or follow up in response to customer questions and concerns. Read more »

Shared Agent Solutions:

3C Contact Services manages various aspects of multiple client accounts. We offer a number of customer solutions and our staff is able to effectively balance duties in line with client expectations. Read more »

Dedicated Agent Solutions:

3C Contact Services has the capability to dedicate a team solely to one client campaign. In these instances, members assigned to the campaign will not participate in the customer operations of any other 3C client; instead, they will be completely committed to the successful execution of the client’s project. Read more »