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Call Center's Energy LevelIt goes without saying that if you or your staff are suffering from low levels of energy, the quality of work will suffer. On the other side of the coin, if there is a constant high level of energy in your workplace, you and your staff may start to burn out.

According to a study from the University of Nebraska, 82% of business owners aren’t operating at their optimal energy level; 61% of the 540 participants said that they’re working below their ideal energy levels, while only 21% of the participants reported that they had above-average energy levels.

3C Contact Services tells their partners that if they want their agents to maintain healthy levels of energy, they should follow these tips:

Monitor Your Call Center’s Energy Level

We tell our partners to pose two questions to themselves: what are your energy levels and at what times, and which departments display the best energy levels? If you know the answer to these questions, it can give you an insight into how your business is doing.

Avoid Routines

Falling into a routine can decrease energy levels at your business. When possible, find ways to freshen things up. If you meet every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m., try meeting at a different time on a different day, or check in with your management team to see which projects they are working on. This provides a much more hands-on experience than listening to the same reports week in and week out.

Start Measuring Energy Levels

When measuring your businesses sales, quality, and growth, we recommend adding your workplace energy level to the mix as well. One of the biggest benefits is that you will receive regular updates on workplace energy levels and you will be able to take measures to improve energy levels if they are starting to fall below expectations.

Ask if there are any obstacles getting in the way of employee productivity, such as not being able to get into the building before it opens.

It’s worth noting that not every business has to do this, but for businesses where there is a high level of change, such as call centers, or if there’s a merger or your organization expands, you should institute weekly or bi-weekly check-ins with your managers and agents.

Other Tips

Sitting at a desk can lead to low energy levels as well. We’ve all heard of the “3-o’clock wall,” when employees’ energy levels start to subside just before it’s time to go home. Getting up and going for a short walk, or even stretching your body with some basic exercises if possible, every half hour or hour can help to keep energy levels up.

Bring a healthy snack to have midway between lunch and the end of the day. This little bit extra will prevent hunger pangs, keep your energy levels up, and eliminate the temptation to stop for an unhealthy snack on your way home.


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