5 Things Great Leaders Can Learn From Kids

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Business leaders can learn a lot from children. 3C Contact Services, the leading provider of outsourced call center solutions, tells their clients that they shouldn’t dismiss the example that kids can provide.

Young children have a lot in common with business leaders: they’re bold risk takers, ask questions, learn, and pass their knowledge onto others. And how often have you seen a child’s mannerisms change once they start playing? Put a cape or mask on them and they become their favourite superhero, someone who is confident and sure of themselves.

Similarly, the belief that you can be whoever you want or accomplish anything is something that business leaders can learn from. Too often, people in any industry end up jaded, with each day becoming a chore. However, if you take cues from kids and approach each day like it’s a new beginning, this will only help you to further accomplish your goals.

In addition to this advice, 3C also has the following five tips for business leaders:

  1. Ask Lots of Questions: If you have a child, you’re probably used to them asking about everything. Business leaders should take a similar approach, asking customers why they buy their products and adapting their approach to meet changing trends.
  2. Take Risks: With the economy still being a bit shaky, many business leaders may be reluctant to take risks. However, calculated risks are often how businesses move forward. Children taking risks may just result in bumps and bruises, but they gain valuable insight into what to avoid and what risks are worth taking. Adult business leaders can enjoy the insight, but they should carefully considered risks before taking them.
  3. Share Your Knowledge: If you’re a parent, you know that if your child learned something particularly interesting at school or if they have a favourite television show, they’re eager to share all they can about it. Business leaders should take a similar approach, disseminating useful information throughout their organizations. Knowledge truly is power.
  4. Celebrate Achievement: With kids, every small victory is cause for celebration. Business leaders should take the same approach, with acknowledging employees’ achievements being great for morale and team-building.
  5. Make Work Fun: Just like making chores more fun is a surefire way to get kids to do them, business leaders should take a similar approach and make the work their employees do fun and interesting so they look forward to coming into work every day. A friendly competition is one possible approach.

As we grow, we forget the confidence we felt as children. Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo or take a risk. While 3C Contact Services tells its partners to carefully consider the risks, the leap of faith you would have taken as a child may often end up serving your business as well.


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