10 Mistakes That Cost You Customers

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Loyal customers are an asset to any business. While acquiring new customers is something every company should strive for, holding on to your existing customers and turning your new customers into regular customers should be two of your top priorities.

However, many business owners make mistakes that cost them customers, often without realizing it. 3C Contact Services, the leading provider of outsourced call center solutions, tells their clients that there are common mistakes they make that may end up costing them customers, such as:

  1. Multitasking: This is especially true for call center employees, who may be trying to juggle a phone call and an e-mail at the same time. In this case, remove the distraction. For example, close all the open windows on your work station and compose the e-mail after the call is finished.
  2. Handling Stressful Situations Poorly: While most interactions with customers go smoothly, you will likely receive calls or e-mails from upset customers. The secret is to remain calm and not let your mouth get ahead of your brain. Constantly think ahead and realize the possible consequences of reacting to a situation in the wrong way, such as the customer disconnecting.
  3. Prioritizing: There are calls and e-mails that must be answered immediately; there’s no way to get around this. Put the interactions that must be dealt with immediately at the top of your list and delegate others that are not as important to another time during the day.
  4. Poor Tone of Questions: Or loaded questions, as they’re known. Before you ask a customer a question, consider the tone: does it sound negative?
  5. Making Disputes Public: A customer may post something negative on social media or your web site’s comments section. Invite them to state their concerns privately, since a public argument may not only cost you that person, but also other customers, both existing and potential. Also, you should be able to tell the difference between customers with genuine concerns and Internet trolls.
  6. Keep an Eye on Your Competition: An existing customer may be tempted to leave for your competition if they receive a better offer or price. Make every effort to match your competitor’s offer or rates.
  7. Neglecting Existing Customers: While it should be the focus of every business owner to secure new customers, if your existing customers are not also receiving attention, they may just jump ship to your competition.
  8. Customers Feel Unappreciated: Even if it’s a simple call or e-mail thanking them, letting a customer regularly know that you appreciate their loyalty can go a long way to keeping them on board.
  9. Not Listening: When a customer calls or e-mails you, they have a legitimate concern or question. And if they feel you aren’t addressing these concerns or questions, they may just leave you. Ask your customers for feedback regularly.
  10. Over-Promising: Never promise more than your product or service can deliver. Offer features in a straightforward manner. 

3C Contact Services tells its partners that following these rules is a simple way to ensure that you will hold on to your existing customers.