Why Location Matters when Choosing a Call Center

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Why Location Matters when Choosing a Call Center

Why Location Matters when Choosing a Call Center

Language Barriers

When selecting a call center, it’s imperative to think about the diversity of potential employees you’ll have access to. Depending on whether you’ll be dealing with calls from one country or many, you may need a multilingual team to effectively serve all of your customers. In order to work against language barriers, your best bet is to choose a location in which you’ll have access to a diverse staff with multilingual abilities. Factors like which countries you’ll be in contact with have a huge impact on which languages your staff will need to cover. For example, if your call center will be fielding calls to and from Canada, the majority of your employees will need to speak both English and French.

Time Zone Differences

Time zone differences are among the most important things to consider when choosing a call center. The location of your call center will determine the hours that your staff will need to work. Take into consideration which countries your call center staff will be dealing with, and select a location with a compatible time zone. For example, if you’ll be contacting or receiving calls from Australia, you likely wouldn’t choose to locate your call center in Toronto where there’s a 16-hour time difference. To prevent having your staff work on a 24-hour schedule, you should choose a location with a similar time zone.

Infrastructure and Customer Needs

When choosing the right call center, you’ll need to think about the projected growth of your business and how you’ll be able to continue to meet the needs of you customers. If you’re looking to expand your business to Australia in the coming years, then you should think about strategically placing your call center there or an area near there. Assess the infrastructure of a location before actually deciding to put your call center there because you want to make sure that the area will be able to support the various operations of your business. This means thinking about whether you’ll be able to conduct all of your call center services effectively, find a diverse and multilingual staff for hire, whether there’s adequate transportation for employees, and more.

Cost of Labour

While supporting the economy is important, you might also want to place your call center where you’re able to find affordable labor. Certain countries, like Australia have a higher minimum wage requirement, whereas other countries, like the United States, have a considerably lower minimum wage. Depending on the specific needs of your business, this may be a deciding factor. Regardless, you’ll want to take into account how much labor will cost when you decide where to place your call center.

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