Why University Students are Becoming Extinct

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Summer is over and students are heading back to school or just starting post-secondary. But at many universities, enrolment is down. A number of factors have played a role in these declining numbers across the country, not the least of which is skyrocketing tuition costs.

3C Contact Services, the leading provider of outsourced call center services, would like to offer the following reasons why university students are becoming increasingly rare:

  1. Cost of tuition:

    As we mentioned, tuition for university has gone through the roof in recent years, putting it out of the reach of many low-income families. While the children may have the grades that would allow them to enter university easily, it may otherwise be impossible due to the high cost.

  2. Middle- and low-income families rely on sports scholarships:

    Sports scholarships have long been the entrance tickets for many students from low- and middle-income families. However, they miss out on these opportunities sometimes, as sports scholarships may just be given to students from high-income families.

  3. Students from high-income families may not need university to get high-paying jobs:

    Many high school grads can use family connections in the business world to get jobs and training without having to go to university. Having a BA may be the minimum, but this is one instance where nepotism may just be a benefit.

  4. Many students get into the family business after high school:

    Many students from low- and middle-income families are also opting to get into the business their families run once finishing high school because of the stability they provide. Working in the family business often also provides valuable experience and may just encourage an entrepreneurial spirit.

  5. Cost to repay student loans and the interest is a burden:

    You often hear horror stories about university students taking years to pay back their student loans. The high cost of having to repay these loans may just be yet another deciding factor in many students’ decision to opt for college over university or to simply enter the workforce out of high school.

Skilled trades and community college are an option that many students opt for. Trades can often pay as well, if not better, than many “white-collar” positions, plus, depending on the trade, there’s always a steady income.

It’s often said that college gives students better practical experience, plus tuition is often more affordable. Many colleges are now offering university courses as well, so students can get the same education without the higher costs.

Obtaining student loans has also become increasingly difficult. If a student has enough in their savings account to cover tuition or books or a part-time or summer job, 3C Contact Services observes that they may just be refused a student loan, making it difficult to keep up with tuition and other expenses.