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Lead Generation and Appointment Scheduling

Lead generation in North America is at the core of every successful sales-driven business model. High-quality prospective leads generally consist of parties that show some level of interest in the products and services that you provide. Skilled sales representatives are responsible for honing in on those potential interests and using that data to underscore why certain leads should support your business instead of your competition. Essentially, sales representatives need to drive home the differentiating factors that your products and services bring to the table. These are things that other companies in your field are incapable of delivering on or providing for one reason or another, but that your customers crave.

Lead generation is all about converting prospects into customers by enticing them with unique incentives, products, services, or investment opportunities that are mutually beneficial for them and your organization. But you can’t do it alone because lead generation is time-consuming and requires a great deal of patience as well as trial and error. You need a team of highly qualified individuals to manage your back-end operations, communicate with prospective leads, and close sales.

3C Contact Services is a top-notch lead generation call center in North America that’s currently at the forefront of helping B2B and B2C businesses thrive through proven lead generation and qualification practices

Drive Your Sales with 3C’s Lead Generation Services

Using proven marketing and sales tactics, 3C Contact Services can help you successfully grow your business, reach out to more prospective leads, and increase your conversion rates significantly. Whether you’re looking for B2B or B2C lead generation services in North America, we can help drive more sales for your organization through the following avenues


A Multichannel Approach

Digital platforms such as social media have made it easier than ever to learn about your prospects and connect with them directly. Other effective outreach and communication methods include email and the good old fashioned over-the-phone approach.

Lead Qualification

The best way to succeed in business is to know your customers and your market like the palm of your hand. Lead qualification helps you successfully identify which prospects are actively engaging with your brand in various forms, so that you can determine their interest level and likelihood of converting into customers.


Lead Scrubbing

As the name suggests, lead scrubbing is the process of cleaning up and updating your leads database by removing duplicates and entries with invalid or outdated information. Routine lead scrubbing ensures that all of your files are fully up to date, so that you can better serve your customers.


Appointment Scheduling

Our professional, accurate, and reliable appointment scheduling services help you build strong, long-lasting, and impactful relationships with your clients. We’ll also set customizable appointment reminders, create a solid customer acquisition and retention strategy for your business, qualify leads, and schedule important face-to-face or virtual appointments.

Our Lead Generation Service Benefits Your Business

Here’s how our lead generations services can benefit your business:

Increased Sales

Businesses that continuously deliver excellent customer service and work to improve their protocols and communication methods are more likely to win over prospective clients than those that take a passive approach by about 35% to 50%. Our committed team of expert sales and customer service representatives can help you achieve and even exceed your projected sales goals.

High Value Leads

High value leads are prospects that are most likely to convert to loyal customers. By focusing on nurturing these leads, we can help you gain valuable insight in terms of how to personalize their experiences and interactions with your organization to create successful partnerships.

The Right Resources and Tools

To help our team enhance their sales performance, we provide them with the latest technology and data entry applications that manage sales prospects, appointments, and conversion rates. 

Why Choose 3C Contact Services

At 3C Contact Services, we firmly believe in the virtues of providing all of our employees with the proper tools and support to achieve professional success. By creating a positive working environment that thrives on efficiency and experience, our team has everything they need to handle a variety of sales-driven tasks.

Here are a few reasons why you should partner with us:

Experienced Professional Staff

We only hire highly qualified personnel who have years of sales and customer service experience. Moreover, we also provide ongoing comprehensive theory-based and hands-on training to ensure that our staff members are fully equipped to handle all kinds of sales scenarios that may occur. Nurturing leads using the appropriate measures is one of our greatest specialties.


We Save You Time and Money

Lead generation and qualification are two important aspects of customer service, but they’re also extremely time-consuming and costly. Outsourcing your lead generation and qualification practices to a qualified call center such as 3C Contact Services can help you save a lot of time and money. It allows you to focus more on other aspects of expanding your business and boosting brand awareness. Leave the customer acquisition and retention strategy planning to the experts!

We Provide Quality Leads

3C Contact Services has a proven track record for providing our clients with high-quality leads that are guaranteed to convert into customers. Additionally, we also take the time to nurture those leads through compassionate and polite interactions, make appropriate product and service recommendations based on their interests and past purchases, and ask for valuable customer feedback whenever possible.


We stand by the notion that value-driven customer interactions stem from providing consistently courteous and detail-oriented service. Our customer service and sales agents are cross trained on a number of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, so that they can easily transition to the ones that are already used by your business.

Contact us today to learn more about how our comprehensive lead generation and appointment scheduling services in North America can help you grow your business.