How to Eat Your Way to Success

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They say that a healthy diet is key to living a long life, but little do they know, your diet can also have an impact on both your workplace performance and satisfaction with your job. As the leading provider of outsourced call center services, 3C Contact Services tells their employees that if they maintain a healthy diet, their on-the-job performance, as well as their life in general, will greatly improve.

We recommend that our partners leave the following recommendations up in their break room. While not every agent will take it to heart, it may just spur many of them to make the necessary life changes that will improve both their personal and workplace health.

  1. Eat foods that make you happy:

    You’ll be much happier at your job if you eat foods that make you feel happy. However, this doesn’t mean unhealthy comfort foods; there’s nothing wrong with the occasional treat, but don’t overindulge. Try to find healthy, low-fat alternatives.

  2. Don’t starve yourself:

    Eat foods that will give you energy throughout the day. A snack in the morning and another in the afternoon around the time you hit the “3 o’clock wall” will help you to get through the day. Again, make sure that your choices are healthy ones and to keep sweet and salty snacks to a minimum.

  3. If you’re a nervous eater, don’t eat too much:

    The last thing you need to do is go into a “food coma” during an important meeting or when a client comes to visit. If you have to, keep it small. Food like raisins, nuts, and trail mix are a good way to keep yourself occupied while not eating anything too heavy.

  4. Avoid breakfast foods that are high in sugar:

    You don’t want to “sugar crash” halfway through the day. When you’re grocery shopping, look for foods that are low in sugar. A quick Web search can also turn up a list of breakfast foods that are low in sugar.

  5. Eat small & often:

    Skipping meals can slow down your metabolism. Ideally, you should eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a couple small snacks in-between. Try to take one snack in the morning a couple hours before lunch or when you get to work. You should have the second halfway through the afternoon, when the dreaded “3-o’clock wall” hits; this will keep you going until you get home.

3C Contact Services advises to make sure to keep your meals healthy and get plenty of exercise. You’ll notice a definite improvement in your overall health, as well as your performance at work.