Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

They say that whoever is out front at your business is the most important part of your organization. They’re the one who clients see when they first enter and are a reflection of your company. It may surprise you to learn that outsourced agents deliver the best customer service because of their ability to think and act outside of the box. Instead of “reading from the script,” they can be much more flexible and adapt to the situation.

We train our agents in every relevant aspect of each client’s business to ensure that they receive the high level of service they both expect and deserve. We also constantly train our agents to find new and unique ways to improve their customer technique.

With the turbulent economy that North America and the world have experienced over the last few years, customer loyalty is essential to any business. However, it can be often be as difficult to maintain as it is to win in the first place.

3C offers a number of effective ways to both win and retain your existing customers:

  • Show existing customers you care by contacting them regularly
  • Putting ourselves in the customers’ shoes so we have an understanding of what their specific needs are
  • Looking to the future to prevent any possible issues before they arise by offering timely intervention
  • Taking care of any customer complaints that may come up quickly and in a professional manner so that a negative experience is turned into a positive one
  • Gearing each campaign to the customers’ unique needs, thereby developing a rapport with them and gaining insight into future opportunities

As an added bonus, you can also save your organization time and money by handing over the administration of your customer service to an outsourcing agent. Our agents will also handle new registrations, amend account information, deal with inquiries, and answer any questions your customers might have, freeing your in-house staff to handle the more important aspects of your business, as well as protecting your public image.