5 Reasons Why Rambo Would Make a Great Sales Agent

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John Rambo, the character Sylvester Stallone made famous in a series of action movies, is not someone that you would picture making a good sales person. However, 3C Contact Services, the top provider of outsourced call center solutions, tells their partners that once you get past Rambo’s tough exterior, you will find someone who would have made a great salesperson under the right circumstances.

Here are just a few of the ways that Rambo would have made an amazing sales agent and how you can follow his example:

  1. Rambo comes up with creative solutions: As he demonstrated throughout the film series, Rambo could think on his feet. Whether he was on the run from the police or Soviet soldiers, he could come up with innovative ways to escape and engage the enemy. Sales agents can learn a lot from this and come up with a quick solution. If an issue exists, a sales agent cannot close the sale until it is resolved.
  2. Rambo will do whatever it takes to get the job done: While salespeople rarely have to use gunpowder and a torch to cauterize a wound or eat things that would “make a billy goat puke,” they still do whatever it takes to make sure that the customer is happy. A good sales agent will research, prospect, review, and search the Web and do whatever it takes to reach their sales target.
  3. Rambo knows his enemy: A successful salesperson will know everything about their competition, their prices, their strategies, and what they do to land customers in this tough market.
  4. Rambo is a well-trained Green Beret: In order for your salespeople to succeed, they must receive the best training. Think of them as being soldiers in your fight to find new customers and retain your old ones. A good salesperson should learn from a number of different sources in order to hone their techniques and likewise, they should have a number of different sales and closing techniques they can adapt for a variety of situations.
  5. Rambo is a master of hand-to-hand combat: A good sales agent won’t just interact with clients over the phone; they will go out and meet them. Therefore, they should be skilled at face-to-face interactions. They should know the visual cues that indicate that the client is engaged by the product or service they are offering.

A good sales agent is able to read non-verbal cues. When you’re speaking to a customer, are they facing you and do they appear to be comfortable in your presence, or are they facing uncomfortably away from you? And most importantly, are they asking questions about your products and services and do they appear to be engaged?

And if you’re presenting to an audience, you have to read the executives you are giving the presentation to. Are they interested and following your every word, or are they more focused on their mobile devices?

Follow the advice of 3C Contact Services: applying Rambo’s military training to your sales agent training will create a team of killer salespeople!