North American Call Center for 30% Less?

North American Call Center for 30% Less?

Some companies know the value of having great customer service. They know that the difference between saving a customer or losing a customer can be as simple as misspoken word or a flaw in communication.

Yet, when it comes to call centers, some companies are more than willing sacrifice quality for the sake of saving money.

While using a call center based out of the United States can help with proper communication, better processes and controls, and a better experience for the customers or leads, it can also be cost prohibitive.

That means they’ll use an offshore call center in India or the Philippines to help reduce costs because, let’s face it, call center employees overseas are a lot cheaper.

However, quality is sacrificed. Accent-heavy agents can create uneasiness with customers and time-zone changes, service downtime, and lack of proper management can all wreak havoc on your call center operations.

But what if I told you that you can now combine the cost-savings of an overseas call center while using North American-based call center employees?

We’re 3C Contact Services Inc. and we’re located in Toronto, Canada… just 90 minutes from the U.S.A. border. And our American customers love us because they get North American agents for significantly less than they’d pay for U.S.-based agents.

Plus, there’s no overseas miscommunications… no language barrier and since we’re integrated with a North American phone system, no voice delays that come with overseas call centers.

And all for 30% less than American call centers because we operate in Canada, where the currency exchange rate favors American companies. We pay Canadian expenses which are 30% less than U.S. expenses, then pass on the savings to you.

Click below now to get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you in 24 business hours to prove to you how we can help grow your business, while saving you money, with quality, North American customer service!