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Inbound Call Center in Toronto

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3C Contact Services provides a value-added inbound call center in Toronto. We prefer to think of our clients as our partners, and this comes out in the services we offer them. Our highly trained professionals will take all your calls in a friendly manner and handle each call, from a simple inquiry right up to any major issues that may arise, in a friendly and courteous manner.

Our toll-free inbound call center in Toronto offers a number of advantages to improve your customers’ experience, which in turn will lead to greater satisfaction and loyalty. We use techniques designed to resolve that first call quickly, so your customers’ questions and concerns are addressed quickly and other clients aren’t kept waiting.

Having a third party such as 3C handle your inbound calls also saves you time and money, allowing you and your staff to focus on the more important things, such as the day-to-day running of your business and long-term projects that will boost your profitability. And best of all, our inbound call center in Toronto provides a convenient central location.

Toronto Inbound Call Center Services

Our professional and courteous staff will handle your technical support calls at our inbound call center in Toronto. Our highly trained employees will address your customers’ concerns in a friendly and efficient manner, resolving any issues that may arise with your products or services quickly.

Customer retention is an essential part of any business. Finding new customers is just as valuable, but holding onto the ones you already have is just as essential to any business. Our team of professionals at our inbound call center in Toronto specializes in customer retention.

With more and more business being done online, e-mail is an integral part of any business, with how quickly a customer’s e-mail is answered often being the deciding factor in whether or not they do business with you. The staff at our inbound call center in Toronto manages e-mails to ensure that they are answered in an efficient manner and with the appropriate response.