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Outbound Call Centers Use for Lead Generation

Lead generation is an important part of any business that can be effectively provided by an outbound call center. Call centers used to be primarily for customer service, but outbound call centers today perform a variety of services that are crucial for growing businesses and increasing revenue.

While every business does have a focus on lead generation, many do not have the right tools or strategies to perform their own effective lead generation. Outbound lead generation services can help grow your business by identifying potential customers, contacting them, and helping to transition them into paying customers.

Here are some techniques that are used in call center lead generation.

Using Scripts

Call center agents used to be required to follow formal scripts. This approach—which is still used by some call centers today—is largely ineffective because it treats every customer or potential customer in exactly the same manner. However, many call centers go too far in the opposite direction and ditch scripts altogether.

Effective lead generation needs to rely on a framework—like a script—that agents can follow. When contacting potential customers, outbound call centers need to be able to effectively identify and categorize these individuals. This is why having a basic framework to follow is crucial for success.

Asking Open-Ended Questions

Part of lead generation is interacting with potential customers to determine if they are a good match for your business and the services you provide. This is often done by asking questions.

For instance, if your business is targeting people who need a home water heater, you may be inclined to simply ask clients if they need one or not. These types of close-ended, yes-or-no questions are ineffective because they often hamper effective lead generation. In the above example, while the person being asked may not need a water heater, his or her parents or neighbor might need one; a close-ended question will omit your opportunity to connect with a potential new customer.

Not Eliminating Leads

One mistake that businesses often make is that they eliminate or ignore people who are not “leads” (people not likely to become customers). The reason this is a mistake is that circumstances change, and someone who is not a lead today may become one the next year.

For instance, if you are targeting seniors over the age of 65, someone who is 60 may not be a customer today but he or she could become one in five years. Good call centers foster connections and create opportunities for follow-ups with all of their contacts.

Focusing on Smaller Leads

Another big mistake that some businesses make is ignoring “small leads” and focusing all of their attention on “hot leads.” Hot leads are those who are likely to spend more or become more “valuable” customers. This is a mistake for the same reason as above: a small lead today can easily become a hot lead tomorrow.

Customer retention is one of the most effective ways to grow a business and increase profits. This means that even infrequent customers can end up paying big dividends further down the line. Increasing your customer base is crucial, regardless of whether those customers are frequent spenders.

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