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Our Call Center Services

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Inbound Call Center

As your value-added partner, 3C will handle all your customer service calls and orders. We seamlessly combine...

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Outbound Call Center

If your customers are happy, they’re more likely to be loyal, spend more, and let family and friends know...

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Call Center Agent Services

A dedicated agent is specially trained and managed to reflect your brand and service.

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Multilingual Services

Providing a high level of customer service to your clients means being able to communicate effectively...


About 3C Contact Services

3C Contact Services can provide tailored inbound and outbound solutions while improving profitability, increasing market share, and maximizing your understanding of your customer relationships. 3C’s customizable solutions are the answer to upselling and cross-selling your products the way you want. We specialize in understanding behaviors that can prevent a successful sale and excel at deepening existing customer relationships with upselling and cross-selling techniques.

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What Our Client Says

“Raga, you’re fabulous. I want to tell you that! I know the phone call is being recorded for quality purposes. I think that’s a very generous offer, I think that’s very fair and I’ll take it. I think you handled this beautifully. I’m happy they are recording this, because I think you can feel very good about this conversation because frankly, I called quite irritated and you have helped me at least to feel that even though there is a possibility of getting some return, but also, you have given me possibility. That’s what it’s all about. I really appreciate ...
Didi, Honolulu, HI
Joey helped me today and he is an excellent representative. I was pretty upset at first but he calmed me down.
Satisfied customer Alex M.
“Damian is one of my favourite names and always reminds me of some of the best experiences in my life. The only reason I am reconsidering (cancelling) is that you acted and spoke so considerately, respectfully, and professionally. That means a great deal to me.”
R. Gurley; San Anselmo, CA

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2013 Golden Bridge Award Silver Winner for BEST Customer Satisfaction in the Business World

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