As vice president of sales and general manager, Steven is responsible for managing 3C Contact Services’ staff, sales, and operations, developing strategic plans to grow business and increase the effectiveness of the provided service. Steven is also responsible for building 3C Contact Services’ image and fostering relationships with clients and community organizations.

12 Reasons for Outsourcing Customer Service

Posted by on Nov 15th, 2016
For many growing businesses, good customer service is necessary for continued success. More small businesses and entrepreneurs are beginning to understand just how important customer service is in the age of the internet, where bad word-of-mouth can travel across the globe and tarnish a reputation after one small mistake. Understanding..

How to Increase Sales through Cross-Selling and Upselling

Posted by on Nov 10th, 2016
When businesses try to find new ways of increasing their revenue and profits, they usually focus on marketing or direct sales and rarely consider cross-selling and upselling services. However, both cross-selling and upselling are two of the easiest and most effective ways to increase profits and grow your business. They..

The Importance of Customer Retention in Banks

Posted by on Nov 3rd, 2016
Banking is one of those industries in which the connection between customer service and customer retention is exaggerated. It’s not a stretch to say that customer retention in the banking sector depends primarily on customer service. While there are certainly some offerings that differentiate one bank from the next, the..

How to Increase Customer Loyalty through a Call Center

Posted by on Nov 1st, 2016
When businesses consider ways to grow, they rarely think about customer loyalty programs. Usually, other call center services—such as sales or customer support—come up way higher on the list of priorities. However, customer loyalty is actually one of the biggest driving factors in retaining your customers and growing your business...

How to Improve a Company’s Brand Value

Posted by on Oct 25th, 2016
The Importance of Brand Value What makes a company successful? Sales are without a doubt important, along with things like customer service and making sure your product or service is of high quality. But step back for a moment and think of what really breeds long-term success. It is then..

Outsourced Call Center Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

Posted by on Oct 18th, 2016
There are many reasons for food and beverage companies to outsource their call center services. Any food or beverage company will be very connected to its customers simply because food is so important to daily living. Working with an agency able to provide food and beverage call center outsourcing means..

3C Contact Services Announces Rebranding and New Hours of Operation

Posted by on Oct 14th, 2016
Toronto, Canada, October 14, 2016 – 3C Contact Services (, North America’s premier cost-effective provider of contact center solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses, is announcing its rebranding along with new hours of operation. As part of the company’s rebranding, 3C Contact Services has launched a newly redesigned web site,..

Inbound Call Center Strategy to Deal with Customer Complaints

Posted by on Oct 13th, 2016
When a customer is angry or unhappy with your service, a good inbound call center can help turn them back into a loyal customer. One of the most important things for any company’s success is customer satisfaction. If your customers are pleased and happy with your service, they are more..